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Debbie, 38, Massachusetts
Lost 12 lbs
Validated customer
“I’ve tried keto multiple times, but always failed to stick to it. So I was a bit sceptical, when I found Keto Cycle. My only regret today is that I didn’t get it earlier. It’s a life-saver, literally! It’s fully personalized, super easy to follow, and has a ton of tasty recipes”
Michelle, 52, New york
Lost 18 lbs
Validated customer
, “I loved the quiz! I mentioned my allergies, other preferences and most importantly, my goal weight. After the quiz, I received a fully personalized Keto meal created only for me.”
Grace, 42, California
Lost 22 lbs
Validated customer
“After knowing that I will receive a fully personalized meal plan with so many tasty & easy-to-make Keto recipes I was totally sold! It’s truly yummy by the way!”
Jessica, 64, Texas
Validated customer
“I don’t like weighing scales, I don’t even have one so I don’t know how much weight I’ve lost but my husband did ask whether I did my hair. Nope, I didn’t. My jeans got too big. :))”
Barbara, 46, Massachusetts
Validated customer
“I recruited my whole family for KetoCycle! It's amazing!”
Donna, 32, Texas
Validated customer
“Keto desserts are the best! I couldn't believe a diet food could be this tasty!”
Karen, 33, New york
Validated customer
“With this Keto plan I'm starting 2020 stress-free.”


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“A PERSONALIZED diet plan, 28-days” - Rachel about her discovery Ketocycle
“I don’t have to worry about meal preparation!”
“Feels like the whole world talks about it” - Jojo
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